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• Full Body ready avatar. Reproportioned to fit better. (Has been tested by multiple dancers)
• Clean and organized package.
• Bounding boxes has been edited to be bigger so meshes don't disappear when close.
• 6 Face gestures.
• Writes Default Off, so no stuck animations.
• Comes with different prefab.

View a more in detail post in my discord.

• Each toggle that's not customization is dissolve.
• Presets: Bodysuit Default, Dress Outfit, +2 More Presets.
Clothes: Rope Harness, Sleeves, everything is toggable.
Extra: Heels, Collar, Muzzle, Ears, Tail, Blindfold, Bodysuit Pull-Apart.
• Toggleable Interactives (Contacts, etc.): Head-Pat, Shy Fingers, Nose, Kiss Cheek, Booty Slap, Eye Pokes, Neck.
• Customization: 
    • Skin Radial, Eyes Hue Shift, Hair Shift, Ears and Tail Black to White.

All layers are togglable.

Performance : Very Poor
Polygons : 216K
Meshes : 15
Material Slots : 24
Collision Check : 266
Avatar Size : 44MB
Texture Memory : 148MB

Body Sugs#9795 || Hair Nessy!7402 || Head E͓̽k͓̽k͓̽o͓̽#6676 product deleted || Head Texture Saikura#0006 || Collar HoloExE || Ears & Tail ничто#6666 || Muzzle wen#4076 || Muzzle Teeth kitski#4425 || Vinuzhka || Ropes Ni/ppNi/pp#0001 || Heels Kibby#0326 || Menu Icons Nitsa#3483 || Whip Daeris#8777 || Bodysuit, Sleeves, Dress, Socks,Textures, Hoop Earrings by me

Unity 2019.4.3f
Poiyomi Shader v8

You will get a UNITYPACKAGE (487MB) file