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If you do NOT use the right poiyomi (stated at the bottom) toggles will not work correctly.

• Full Body ready avatar. Reproportioned to fit better. (Has been tested by multiple dancers)

• Clean and organized package.

• Bounding boxes has been edited to be bigger so meshes don't disappear when close.

• Comes with a TPS (works with DPS) version with 6 orifices'. (Private Areas, Mouth, Hands and Chest).

• TPS moves with shapekeys to open mouth and other areas

• Comes with TPS Version, Non TPS.

• Scaling System so you can be any height you want!

• Emotes and Locomotion are added!

• 6 Face gestures.

• 9 Togglable Contacts!

• Smart Toggles for example if you turn on the bra the bodysuit automatically turns off.

• Cloth Physic Skirt Nice and flowy!

• Extra Jiggle + Squish Bones!! Nose Wiggle, Face Cheeks Wiggle, and Tummy, Thighs.

• Clothes: Bodysuit, Bra, Leather Harness, Chain Harness, Skirt, Entire Scales Outfit, Leash, Chains on the Arm, Panties, Pasties, Socks, Heels.

• Monster: Elf Ears, Wings, Wings on the Upper Back, Tail, All Horns, Big Horns, Outer Horns, Mouth Horns, and Inner Horns.

• Contacts: Choke, Shy Fingers, Tail, Leash, Ass Slap, Headpat, Eye Pokes, Nose Boop, Kiss.

Particles: Fire Eyes, Aura Smoke.

• Customization: Main Hue Shift, Metal swap from silver to gold.

 • Hair: Short Hair, Hair Half Up, and Wavy hair, Square texture material swap, Square texture hue, Hair Cards Material Swaps, Hair Cards Hue.

  • Body: Skin (Default 25%), Eye Brightness (Default 50%), Eye Emission (Default 50%), Eye Saturation (Default 50%), Scales Off.

  • Monster: Horns, Wings, and Tail can all be scaled to black white or color (Default Teal)

Model: Body//Head//Hair Cap Sugs#9795 || Body Edit Milky Mommy#6969 || Base Skin Texture Ying#6669 || Make-Up Texture Sivka#3788 || Head Edit Tuesdxy#6454 || Eye Texture Ryuohh#0001 || Elf Ears CheesinChinchilla#9021 || Hair Short Nessy!#7402 || Hair Half Up CompelledInk#1062 || Hair Wavy Saikura#0006 || Heels Nauuki#5353 || Wings Small darvulia#0117|| Particles zepwlert#0001 || Hair Texture 1 Cicieaaa#7777 || Hair Texture 2 Wetcat#6969 ||

By Me Krisandra#0777: Bra, Chain and Leather Harness, Chain Arms, and Chain Heels, Panties, Pasties, Socks, Horns, Leash, Bodysuit, Garter, Socks, Skirt, Wyvern Wings Scale Texture, Piercings.

Photos: BlazeyTaco#6969


Unity 2019.4.3f



You will get a UNITYPACKAGE (1GB) file