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!!!DISCLAIMER!!! Quest version will not work properly if you upload the normal version under the same blueprint ID. Meaning upload the quest version as BOTH pc and quest do NOT mix the model blueprint ID with a different one.

• Full Body ready avatar.
• Clean and organized package.
• Bounding boxes have been edited to be bigger so meshes don't disappear when close.
• Optimized and Quest will loose some features to work with the stats needed.
• 6 Face gestures. (Happy, Tongue Out, Sheesh, Angy, Sad, and Smug)
• Writes Default Off, so no stuck animations.
• Comes with different prefab.

View a in detail post in my discord.

(d* means dissolved toggle)
• Clothes: Sweater, Skirt, Thigh Highs.
Animal Parts : Ears, Tail, Wings
Extra : Glasses, Lolipop, Backpack, Shoes, Invisibility, Bat Follower, Hand Trails, and Idle Particles.
Customization : Hue Shift, Skin Shift, Idle Ear and Wing Flick Twitches, Emission Brightness, and RBG Speed 0-13.
Bat Boomerang : Exactly what it sounds like, you throw the bat and it flies back to your hand. (Toggle "Throw Bat" in your menu, then double check you have gestures on. Make a fist for the extra bat to go into your hand, then open hand makes the bat fly away, make sure you throw it for some extra distances. Eventually it does come back to you without you needing to do anything extra, but if you want it to come back faster make a fist again.)
VRLabs Marker
• Cloth Physic Skirt!!  Nice and flowy.
• Contact - Eye Pokes : Depending on the eye your eye will close slightly.
• Contact - Nose Boop : Ears Down, Happy Face and particles explode and Squeak Noise.
• Contact - Headpats : Smile and Ears wiggle.
• Contact - Glasses Right Side : Glasses move down the face.
• Contact - Glasses Left Side : Glasses move to on top of head.
• Contact - Glasses Right and Left Resets : Glasses are moved to the original place.
• Stretchable - Ears : Smug + Grin
• Stretchable - Tail : Shock Face + Explanation Mark+ HEHEHE Sound
• Stretchable - Wings : Ear Tilt + Question Mark

All layers are togglable.

Performance : Very Poor
Polygons : 231k
Meshes : 15
Material Slots : 54
Avatar Size : 28.88MB

Performance : Good
Polygons : 65k
Material Slots : 8

Unoptimized Quest
Performance : Very Poor
Polygons : 215k
Meshes : 10
Material Slots : 26
Avatar Size : Less than 10MB

Body//Head//Thigh Highs Sugs#9795 || Backpack Meowuww #0001 || Bat Julie♥#7238 || Empress Moon#6969 || Face Texture miing#8888 || Bows//Wings//Tail//Shoes// Bellerina#0001 || Outfit syn#5547 || Ears Cupkake#6666 || Glasses Google#9749 || Hair Sadge#3333 || Earrings lexxxya#0179 || Face Particles Kisu☆#1000 || Hand Trails bunky#0001 || Idle Traits by me || Head Edit Tuesdxy#6454 || Lolipop Fluffy

Unity 2019.4.3f
Poiyomi Shader v8