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There is a bug with LYUMA emulator, where you cant test mismatch parameter which is what I use in the DBT layer. Upload the model and then test it.
If you do NOT use the right poiyomi (stated at the bottom) toggles will not work correctly.

• Full Body ready avatar. Reproportioned to fit better. (Has been tested by multiple dancers)

• Clean and organized package.

• Bounding boxes has been edited to be bigger so meshes don't disappear when close.

• 6 Face gestures

• Comes with a different prefab as well.

• Avatar Scaling.

View a more in detail post in my discord.

• Outfit Presets: Original, Gym, Catsuit, Comfy, Rocker, Fishnet.

• Clothes: All layers are removable.

• Accessories: Catsuit, Arm Warmers, Socks, Boots, Sneakers.

• Jewelry: Big Chain, Small Chain, Earrings, Eyebrow Piercings, Lip Piercings, Nose Piercings.

• Extra: Blindfold, Glasses, Hair Curtain Bangs, Hair Bun, Hair Shaggy, Ears, Tail.

• Contacts: Headpat, Eyes, Noseboop, Kiss, Grab, Shy Fingers, Chest Scratch, Back Scratch, Cheek Slaps.

• Customize:

• Base Edits: Skin Shift, Freckles, Hair Mat Swap, Colored Hair Hue, Colored Hair Saturation, Eye Hue, Eye Saturation, Eyebrows Swap, Eye Shadow.

  • Clothes: Baggy Jeans: Black, White, Blue. Boots: Black, Beige, White, Red. Hoodie: Black, Blue, Red. Skinny Jeans: Black, White, Blue, Red. Shirts: Cropped T-Shirt Swap, All Tops White, Button Down Black and White, Button Down Black, Button Down Jeans.

All layers are togglable.

Performance: Very Poor

Polygons: 462k

Meshes: 17

Material Slots: 35

Collision Check: 17

Avatar In Game Size: 49.18 MB

Texture Memory: 216.48 MB

Model: Body Misty#5555 || Base Texture Naudine#1213 || Face Sugs#9795 || Face Edit Tuesdxy#6454 || Eyebrow loki#3000 || Glasses frog#3079 || Necklace, Jeans Baggy Sadge#3333 || Ears kri#1214 || Tail ничто#6666 || Hair Bun Nessy!#7402 || Hair Curtain jinAtonic#5724 || Hair Shaggy Strappy Pants Haka#8983 || Hoodie Shorts River Hilton#6666 || Jeans Skinny || Boots Mori#3630 || Sneakers Pursu#6500 || Piercings, Blindfold, Button Downs, Cropped Shirt, Fishnet, Catsuit, Shirts, Box, Arms Warmers, Socks by Krisandra#0777 ||

Showcase: Video by clikk#6571


Unity 2019.4.3f



You will get a UNITYPACKAGE (1GB) file