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This is a collaboration with Elcaelia. I did Good dreams/Daydream (inspired by sandman from rise of the guardians). She did nightmares, check out her side of the collaboration at HERE. Message us for bundle prices for both avatars, we will then give you discount codes for the product page.

- Full-Body ready avatar.
- Physbone: Hair, Chest, Booty (anywhere that makes sense and colliders where you expect.)
- Clean and organized package.
- Bounding boxes have been edited to be the size of the body, so meshes don't randomly disappear at a certain distance.
- 6 Face gestures.
- Writes default off so no stuck animation.
- DPS in 6 Places; left and right hand oriface. Chest, mouth, private area and behind orifaces.

- Dissolve Toggles; Bodysuit, Pasties, Sleeves, Panties, Whip, Wings.
- Toggles; Blindfold & Wing Hug Animation.
- GPU Particles; Desktop mode and VR mode that can be controlled by gestures. Also controllable size and strength.

Performance - Very Poor
Polygons - 329k
Material Slots - 28
Collision Check - 854
Mesh Renders - 11
Avatar Size - 41.38MB

Head Cupkake#0666 ||  Head Texture: miing#8888 || Eye Texture: Sohvi#9443 || Base: Pandaabear#9873 || Body Texture: Ying#6669 || Bodysuit: Deimos#6533 || Panties: Lolo#5454 || Pasties: Zeit#9150 || Tail: blankchii#0001 || Wings: illume#2788 || Ruffles: LeBUBBLES#1234 || GPU Particles: Quantum#0846System JustSleightly#0001 || Whip: Daeris#8777 || Blindfold: PIPOPIPOPI#1923 || Circlet: Birdy#9565 || Shoes: Nauuki#5353 || Hair: bunisu#4924 || Clothes Textures and Sleeves: By meeee ||DPS Set-Up fluff#5265 || DPS Raliv#0001

Unity 2019.4.3f
Poiyomi Shader v8
DPS v1.31

You will get a UNITYPACKAGE (219MB) file