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This is in collaboration with illume#2788, please be sure to check "B@t", her model.
Buy B@T here:
Bundle price available, please message us on discord.

- Full-Body ready avatar.
- Physbone: Hair, Chest, Booty (anywhere that makes sense and colliders where you expect.)
- Clean and organized package.
- Bounding boxes have been edited to be the size of the body, so meshes don't randomly disappear at a certain distance.
- 6 Face gestures.
- Writes default off so no stuck animation.
- DPS in 6 Places; left and right hand oriface. Chest, mouth, private area and behind orifaces.


- Clothes Toggles : Croptop, Jacket, Pants, Panties, Bra
- ETC Toggles : Helmet, Tail, Wings, Robot arm, Robot Arm Blade.
- Customization : Hue Shift, Hair Material Swaps 10+, Audio Link and RBG Mode.
- DPS in 6 places.
- Comes with Optimized and Unoptimized Version.

Performance - Very Poor
Polygons - 240k
Material Slots - 22
Collision Check - 352
Mesh Renders - 11
Avatar Size -37MB

Body and Tonguel Cupkake#6666 || Head kri#1214 || Hair, Crop Top, Bra, Panties, Hoodie, Pants, Wings, Helmet by illume#2788 || Arm Lod#0741 || Boots Cicieaaa#7777 || Tail Catt#0001 || Menu Icons awmi#6003 and Uni#1369. || DPS Set-Up fluff#5265 || DPS Raliv#0001

Unity 2019.4.3f
Poiyomi Shader v8
DPS v1.31

You will get a UNITYPACKAGE (289MB) file