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• Materials: 1

• Tris: 28,000

• Verts: 14,186

• Rigged to Zin RP

• 12 Base Color Textures + Base Color Bloody Textures

• Includes Base, Alpha, Smoothness + (Roughness), Metallic, Normal Textures

Must Credit me!

Your Discord Ad: Krisandra

Your Model Page: Must include shop link/product link AND discord tag

View my full TOS here :

By purchasing this asset you agree to the following: 

1. Assets may not be traded, resold, given out in any way or form.

2. You may not sell the asset alone, ONLY on completed avatars. 

3. This asset can be used commercially or personal use.

4. Can be used outside of VRChat if the files are not accessible. 

5. You may use this asset on a commission as long as BOTH the commissioner and the commissionie have purchased the asset.

6. Proper information is required at checkout (VRChat name and Discord) whether personal or commercial to be valid.

7. If said rules are broken I have the right to DMCA.

8. If you are blocked by me, or banned in my server you do NOT have the right to use these assets.

Sisters of Salem


Hi, I'm 25 years old, a slytherin, and person that love cats, bats, and stuff animals. We are self taught 3D Model and Asset creators for VRChat. With help along the years, I've personally gained a lot of knowledge to better my work, you can thank Illume for that. You can actually thank them both for constantly motivating me. I will continue to try my hardest, and to do my best with making unique and quality avatars and assets. I absolutely love my girls Illume and Hungry. ♡


Hello, I am Hungryyy with 3 Ys specifically. I am 22 years old and I LOVE guinea pigs and Uber eats. (Not a sponsor). I spent months on end pressing random buttons until I figured out how to make stuff on blender and then did the same with unity and now I can make little people you can wear in VRC, I know it sounds crazy but I am a crazy girl. I put a lot of love into every model I create and I consider them all my art so I promise that nothing is half assed. I am proud to call myself a Sister of Salem, and I can’t wait to see where life takes us! I hope you guys will stick around and join us on our journey of 3d modeling and life :3


Creating models and assets for everyone to enjoy on VRChat. Sisters of Salem (SOS) is owned by best friend Krisandra/Emrisa. We began as people that didnt understand Blender or Unity. Well now, we still don't fully understand it but hey, we sometimes can work it out... We strive everyday to make you guys happy, we continue to push ourselves daily to give you guys nothing but the best. We hope you stay to watch us grow. ♡